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Overcoming Life's Battles

04.01.14 | Victorious Living | by Gary Comis

    Someone once said, “When God wants to do something wonderful, He begins with a difficulty; when He wants to do something spectacular, He begins with an impossibility.” When life deals an unexpected blow and it feels as though you are fresh out of...

    Man Up - Raising Fathers Out of Sons

    02.15.14 | Manhood | by Gary Comis

      Unfortunately a lot of men feel like half-men, incomplete, unfinished and stuck. We feel like captives; we want to be men of God but we’re not sure how to get there or what that looks like. The good news is, Jesus came to set the captives free...

      12 Steps to Good Bible Reading

      02.08.14 | Bible Study | by Gary Comis

        Because all scripture is inspired by God it not only makes you “wise for salvation” but can lead to the “knowledge of the truth.” It also has the power to bring you to faith, and guide you throughout your journey in life.