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Cultivating Confidence 3

Cultivating Confidence 3

Aug 03, 2014

Preacher: Gary Comis

Series: Cultivating Confidence

Category: Christian Living

Keywords: confidence, god's house, presence, plan, protection, power, name, gary comis, staten island


In this series Pastor Gary takes you through a detailed study on three great Psalms of David; Psalm 27 ... Psalm 3 ... and Psalm 20. In times of uncertainty all you really need to get you through is confidence in God knowing that He cares for you, He will bring you the help you need, and He is upholding all things by the word of His power. Throughout this series you will learn how to have: Confidence in God; Confidence in God's House; Confidence in God's Presence; Confidence in God's Plan; Confidence in God's Protection; Confidence in God's Power; and Confidence in God's Name. When you learn how to pray with confidence, like David you will be able to lay down and sleep in peace in the midst of conflict knowing that God will sustain you.