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Holy Moments

Holy Moments

Dec 13, 2015

Preacher: Gary Comis

Series: Making Every Moment Count

Category: Christian Living

Keywords: faith, faith community church, gary comis, guidance, holy, moments, priority, productivity


The Apostle Paul never allowed one circumstance to conquer his disposition or overwhelm his peace. Rather, with God's help he was determined to win at the game of life and make every moment count. In this powerful series Pastor Gary reveals not only how to define a productive life but also the six valuable priorities we all need in making every moment count. You will also learn how God guides us from moment to moment as well as developing holy moments that will last a lifetime. Leaving a legacy that will impact the next generation and building moments that count must be intentional. So don't waste another moment, download this message today and join with many others who are Making Every Moment Count!